The Right Timing Can Put You on Television

Well, I’ve got news for you, when I moved to Astoria, Queens of New York to marry my last husband, almost as soon as I arrived in New York I created a new brochure about the metaphysical things I do and sent it to producers of most of the television shows in New York. Within a few weeks I did a show on Feng Shui on ‘Good Day New York”, which is a Fox Television station’.

The experience was, in fact, fun and they had me redo one of the broadcasters’ office. Some of the highlights were he had his office painted green, which made it obvious that he was napping in there (he admitted he was), so I made some other color suggestions to help activate the mind and keep him awake. I also gave him some tips on how to rearrange his desk and furniture to gain more control over people he would meet and interview in there.

My husband was, and he still is, into astrology and amazed at how quickly I got on a television show which brought me several clients in the Manhattan area from the broadcast. At the time I didn’t completely understand the Magi Astrology, but now, in looking back, I can see the special linkages it takes, that I had at the time, to make this happen.

Here’s the bottom line: Timing is everything.


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